A 66Psych Fest Experience by Sam Love

12 May

This year’s Austin Psych Fest helped me envision the future of music festivals and what psychedelic music is bringing to the fields. Some of my favorite anticipated acts were Om, The Warlocks, Clinic, and Acid Mothers Temple. I’ve chosen to only highlight a few of the distinctive bands that my mind absorbed and swirled around to. The Black Angels, Deerhunter, and a newly discovered favorite of mine, Man or Astroman?

austin psych fest

Last year at Emo’s, I cut out early during The Black Angels‘ set to catch Peaking Lights, so I really wanted to be there for their Sunday performance. I absolutely love this band; I feel I owe it to them for cracking my eyes to an entire genre of heady rock music today, mostly by way of Psych Fest. They made magic on Sunday night. They opened with “Vikings” off of Directions To See A Ghost which was super neat, because I don’t think I’ve heard that one live before, and I’ve always loved that song deeply (I’m of Norwegian descent). They mostly played off their new album, Indigo Meadow, which I was super stoked on, except they DIDN’T play my favorite track but hopefully will at their show on Wednesday, “Always, Maybe.” They also played “Yellow Elevator No. 2,” which I was SUPER DUPER stoked on, because I haven’t seen them play that one all the way out. Every other time they play half of it then go into another song, without letting it build up in an epic way (you all must know that Yellow Elevator is the song I want played at my funeral, so this was a particularly boundless moment for me!). I couldn’t find a recording of it, but I did find this – “True Believers” when they brought out beloved Rishi Dhir on the sitar and we had a psychedelic powwow.

Then here is a little snippet of “Indigo Meadow,” just a preview for what is to come at their show at the Wonder this week:

Next I give you, a piece of love from Deerhunter. Monsieur Goose and I found our way up real close before they started. Luckily, it had stopped raining (may I present to you, the first outdoor Psych Fest, Woodstock, 2013 2+0+1+3=6). Bradford Cox walked onstage in a dress. He said something about how every time they play in Austin it rains, which is weirdly magical. We made bets about what song we thought they would play first, we were both wrong. Boom! “Desire Lines” killed me first. Then a whole bunch of songs I realized I hadn’t really listened to yet off of Monomania, and they were all so good! I especially remembered a creepy “Blue Agent” and an older one, “Revival.” Deerhunter sort of had this really bright heavenly vibe amongst all the black, black, blackness of a lot of these psych bands. I was pretty sure Bradford might be Jesus in a Sunday dress at this point, and I thought I was at Psych Church or something. He said something so profound, it completely altered my perspective. He asked if the crowd was high and tripping, and many yelled “yaaaaahhhhh!!!!” Then he said something along the lines of “I used to be like all of you, then I realized whenever I was tripping, I was just seeing projections of myself everywhere and on everyone, and I don’t want to live in that kaleidoscope.” Back the center. They closed with “Monomania” before the techs were forced by the law to turn off all the fuzz:

Next I tell you about Man, or Astroman? My favorite discovery! Head-banging surfer thrash crunch that is all over the place. All over the grass, all over the mud (yeah it rained) and all over the ceiling of the Levitation Tent. Checked them out at first, before it rained. I didn’t want to leave but I wanted to catch Os Mutantes at the main stage. So we went over there, then it started monsoon-ing! Bummer for Os, but man, that meant we could run back over to the tent and catch Man, or Astroman? At this point, over half the fest was crammed into this little tent, catching a piece of cover and this rocking band. We got crewed up, and banged our little wet hairs all over the place together. These guys were hilarious too, yelling things about bending time and space. Just silly. Here’s a clip I found:

See you next year.

Come Listen to The Black Angels @ The Wonder Ballroom on 5/15



2 Responses to “A 66Psych Fest Experience by Sam Love”

  1. Jam!dock May 16, 2013 at 12:35 am #

    A friend of mine was JUST telling about The Black Angels. Not bad at all.

  2. Skoi Sirius May 24, 2013 at 3:06 am #

    Reblogged this on travelsandtuness.

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